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Directions: If you need to obtain secured information about your class, you may request to have file access to this information. For example, if you are chosen by your class to put together a mailing list for a reunion, updating your class information, or any other reason related to your class, you may contact:

After determing if you should have permission, a temporary account name will be given to you. You will then use this account name to log in (see below). Once logged in, you can choose the file method that will suit your best.

  • Text File - Contains delimited tabs which any word processor or spread sheet program can read. Puts one record on a single line. For example:
First name Last Name Address City ...
Mike Smith 123 Main Street Safford
Paulette Jones 321 Main Street Pima
  • Mailing Label Format - Recognized by word processors. Can easily be used to copy the address and paste in some other application. For example:

    Mike Smith
    123 Main Street
    Safford, AZ 85546

    Paulette Jones
    321 Main Street
    Pima, AZ 85552

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File Type Text File Mailing Label

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