Gateway to SHS Alumni
Download Data (Must have access privilege)

  • View Lost Alumni
    Locate alumni who have invalid addresses within our database and submit information to help us update our database.

  • View Deceased Alumni
    Search by class or name to find if an alumni is deceased.

  • Search for Alumni
    Locate alumni by class, name, or locate alumni within your city or state. Also find alumni who have E-mail. You may also submit information to update someone else profile.

  • Provide Information on an Alumni
    If you know someone who is not in our database, you can submit information to include them in our database. If you happen to find information that is inaccurate, you may also submit information to update our records.

  • Create a New Profile for Yourself
    If you can't locate your profile, you may submit your own information. You can securely control your profile to allow others to see certain information or hide certain information.

  • Take Possession of Your Profile
    If you have a profile, you may not have possession of it. Take possession of your profile by requesting a user name and password. The information will be sent to your E-mail address. You may then log on and change your user name and password at your discretion.

  • Update Your Profile
    Once you have a user name and password issued, you may log in and control your profile.

  • Forgot Your Password
    If you forgot your user name or password, it can be sent to your E-mail address.

    Scholarship Form
    Use this form to apply for a scholarship

  • Download Data (Must have access privilege)
    If you need access to your class because of a project or reunion, we can provide you with hidden information in a downloadable form. This is a secured site and you will need to have permission. Visit this page to learn how.

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